To Garage Sale or Not to Garage Sale?

Being a stay at home mom and a lady that loves to be frugal- I love the garage sale!  But shopping a garage sale and hosting a garage sale are two totally different things.  I just got done with a two day garage sale, that I would call a success, but could have scarred me for life from ever having another one.

Yes I got rid of unused items from my house.  Yes I made money.  We even filled up a pastor’s car to donate items to his church.  When I say filled up, I mean illegal driving filled up.  But there is still stuff left and I wish I could pull out my magic wand and “bibity bobity boo” it away.  Of course I will donate it to a church that will not sell it, but give it to people who really need it for free or little cost.

So in my deep thoughts of why do I even bother, I found myself being very upset for even being annoyed with the sale.  I should be so thankful to have all these things in my life.  I should be so thankful to have too many pans, too many flower vases, too many children’s clothes, and too many anything you can think of.

My advice to those who are thinking of having a garage sale is as follows:

1) Get a babysitter for your kids away from your home and the sale.

2) Get organized inside your garage before the actual sale.

3) Wear good shoes.

4) Realize that we are lucky to be able to have a sale, when others have nothing.

With all that being said, I hope everyone enjoys West Michigan’s garage sale season to the fullest.  Remember Thursday is the new Friday and its actually fun to see what people have no use for anymore.

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