A Little Organization Please!

So now that I am getting the hang of this blogging stuff, I do believe it is time to organize how I post.  I have never been super great at following structure; so I will start off with only two areas that can be consistent in my blog.  At this current time in my life I am very interested, involved, and passionate about the environment and health.  With that being said you can expect consistent posts for the following:

Wellness Wednesday- This will include various areas of bettering your life.  Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and general care for you as a woman.

For The Earth Friday-  This will include various areas of how to better our Earth.  Homeopathic remedies, recycling, utilizing less and getting more, conserving energy and water and much more.

You might be wondering why is this lady doing this blog and what makes her any type of source of interest?  Well because I am fun, intelligent, and trying to completely makeover my family’s way of living.  Its fun to do this and its fun to get the entire family involved.  I hope you will join me on this adventure.  I will never claim to know it all and might ask for advice on occasion, but it will be FUN! Never fear my random thoughts can fill the other days of the week.

1 Response to “A Little Organization Please!”

  1. 1 thediaperdiaries May 20, 2008 at 3:15 am

    Well now I expect greatness 🙂

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