Green Friday-The Ever Popular Garage Sale

I know its a pain in the you know what, but its an excellent way to make a little money and recycle things you have no use for anymore.  I am having my second one this season today (and dreading it), but it will clear out the house.  I view garage sales a little bit different than most.

First, and foremost I like the garage sale to declutter your house.  Seriously, if you haven’t used it in the last year chances are you will not.   Second, you can earn a little extra money.  I will admit with this statement comes one of my hugest pet peeves–The Overpriced Garage Sale People.  Come on people!  I do not care if its Gymboree, Gap, Hannah Montana (or whatever that brand is), its a GARAGE SALE AND ITS USED.  If a garage sale is a source of income, thats probably a problem.  I like to think of the garage sale as earning a small amount of money, cleaning out my house, and getting my things to other people’s homes for them to utilize.

So if you have a spare Thursday/Friday (because its the new Friday/Saturday in the garage sale world), throw up a sign and a couple tables and enjoy yourself.  You can post your garage sales for free on Craigs List , put an ad in the paper, post in a church bulletin, or send out an email to all of your friends.  So for my Green Friday I am encouraging you to have a garage sale, maybe even do it with a friend to try and make it a little more fun!  Enjoy!

1 Response to “Green Friday-The Ever Popular Garage Sale”

  1. 1 bigbinder June 22, 2008 at 1:57 am

    Amen about the pricing! Hope you made a pile of cash 🙂

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