Wellness Wednesday- A Proposed Question for Mental Well-Being?

I am on vacation and enjoying every single bit of it.  Quality time with the family.  My husband, children, and father.    We have a cottage and some of the greatest conversations are around a bonfire/campfire.  But that is another whole post.

To this evening I am proposing a wellness question to any readers that may pop by this mini blog.  I am in the middle of two seperate sets of family “drama”.  Now every family has drama and that is well and fine and healthy.  But my drama includes seperates issues unrelated with my mother and father.  Their individual issues include death and family and on the other hand communication with a spouse.  So my proposed question is, when do you not say anything?  What is too much?  How much advice do you give?  What is a healthy amount of involvement when you love and care for two people so very much?

For those of you that might know me, I am a straight shooter.  I live by telling it like it is, sometimes that gets in the way; but its me.  They are asking and I am giving, but how much is too much?  Because its weighing on my mind heavily.  Thank you in advance, I like to learn from others.

2 Responses to “Wellness Wednesday- A Proposed Question for Mental Well-Being?”

  1. 1 Kate B. July 3, 2008 at 2:36 am

    Hey Nichol! You said they are asking and you are giving – I would say keep giving as long as they are asking. Maybe just double check when you give advice that they still want it! (You know, “Now I’m only saying this because you’ve been asking, so tell me if you need me to shut up!”) But obviously you can’t make decisions for them or take on the responsibility of the situation yourself unless it directly pertains to you, and it sounds (from what I can tell) like it doesn’t.

    You’re good at speaking your mind. If you see something in the situation where you just need to let them make their own decisions, etc., just say so. And if they’re asking, but you’re not comfortable giving advice or whatever, just say so. Sorry my “advice” is generic – I hope it applies! Take care and believe in yourself – talk to you soon!


  2. 2 bigbinder July 7, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    I guess I would say when you really feel like it is for their benefit, let it rip. If it comes from just kind of being sick of hearing about it, or your own personal frustration, maybe it’s better to just nod and listen? I don’t know. Every family has different dynamics, even after 7 years I am still learning how to deal with my husband’s family as far as who gets to say what, when so I don’t really know if there is a good rule of thumb to follow…

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