Wellness Wednesday-Pilates

On my quest to becoming a healthier person overall, I have discovered Pilates.  I never thought I would like something like this or that it would have the effects on my body that it does.  Every Wednesday I go to an hour long Pilates class.  After I am done I feel refreshed, relaxed, extremely worked out, and just wonderful.

I take a Pilates Mat class at the MAC.  This a Pilates class that is predominately done either laying down or sitting on a mat.  At first I just thought that I would get great ab work by doing such a class.  But the overall benefits are amazing.  You are working your entire core, but by doing so your inner and outer thighs, gluts, and arms all get a great work out as well.

This is the type of class that you are constantly challenging yourself mentally.  I am constantly telling myself its only holding a pose for thirty seconds of my life.  I can do it!  My instructor is fantastic!  She is very aware of people’s different levels of fitness.  So for every pose or exercise we are doing she gives a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level position.  She also makes it a point to get to know new people coming to class.  She take a moment to see if there are any ailments, injuries, or concerns she can watch out for and make modifications to.

You can learn more about Pilates in general here and here (odd place for me to reference, but has great information).  If you do not belong to a gym or the YMCA, most Parks and Recreation departments have fitness classes.  I know here in Grand Rapids, they have an awesome Pilates class and the price is very reasonable.  Also, at the MAC you can buy a punchcard to attend group fitness classes versus joining.  Another great resource that many people forget about is On Demand.  If you have digital cable, chances are you have On Demand.  There is an entire fitness section in there with, not only Pilates sessions, but tons of other fitness programs.   I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new when it comes to your exercise program.  Whether its just getting moving period or bumping up your level of activity.  Let’s face it we all have 30 minutes a day to extend our lives in the end.

2 Responses to “Wellness Wednesday-Pilates”

  1. 1 bigbinder July 9, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    I have been saying this for, oh, a year now, but I REALLY need to start doing Pilates again…

  2. 2 thediaperdiaries July 11, 2008 at 3:23 am

    I completely heart Pilates!!

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