Wellness Wednesday-Massage

For today’s tip you can not be one of those people that does not like other’s in your personal space.  Massage is all about personal space.  But the benefits are ridiculous.  If you have never had a professional massage, you are really missing out.

This past Saturday, for the first time, I had a 90 minute massage ( I usually partake in a 60 minute massage)!  Can I say, “HOLY COW!”?  To put it lightly.  Sixty minutes will no longer be good enough.  There are mental benefits and physical benefits that come from massage.

Some people go to a massage and fall asleep, not me.  I want to enjoy every second of it and try to remember it, and hang on to that feeling.  Its a weird place I find myself in, kind of a zen-like feeling.  Maybe its spiritual, maybe its dreamy, I have no idea, but if I could achieve that feeling and bottle it up-I would be a millionaire.  Sometimes its hard not to fall asleep, but I just never do.  Mentally, its an hour to relax and have somebody pamper you like a queen or king.  Who doesn’t want that?  That is worth the money spent all by itself.

Physically there are so many benefits to massage.  Personally, for the last few years I have been seeking out a more natural medical lifestyle to follow.  Don’t get me wrong, when I have a super bad headache I am not against poppin’ in an 800.  But I do look up alternative ways in medicating myself and my family.  Massage is proven to be great for circulation, taking care of our skin (our biggest organ), fixing tense muscles, and so much more.  You can read more about the benefits here.

With my much improved exercise schedule, I am making it a priority to try and get a massage once a month.  If I could, I would have one once a week.  But with the great pleasures of massage, comes a price.  A good massage is a little pricey.  But if you take the money you might spend on fast food, or a new item of clothing, or a movie-you can get a massage.  Numerous places run specials all the time.  If you are a great bargain hunter, you can find some really great deals.  Two of my favorite places to have massages in Grand Rapids are Panopoulis on Burton & Breton and Vasio Life Spa.  Each place is a very different experience, but both have the same results-a euphoric goodness.  So find it in your schedule and budget to treat yourself-life is short live in the now!

2 Responses to “Wellness Wednesday-Massage”

  1. 1 Kate B. July 23, 2008 at 2:13 am

    I LOVE massage! I usually go to the chiropractor for that since it’s covered by my insurance. Have you looked into chiropractors for the health benefits? They take a very wholistic approach to health, trying more natural methods before going to drugs or surgical interventions. It’s been helpful to me for my shoulder, which gets sore when I’ve been conducting a lot. But I couldn’t agree with you more about massage! TTYL!

  2. 2 bigbinder July 28, 2008 at 2:13 am

    I have never had a massage that made me feel relaxed or less sore, I think it’s hard to find a good massage therapist, and I hate spending money to be mashed around for no reason.

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