Mama Make it Better!

Please excuse my absence for a bit, it has been a busy couple of weeks just enjoying family time instead of computer time.  Its hard to keep up in the summer, especially when our family is so dedicated to outdoor play.  So for my two readers, I know how much you all missed me!

With all that out of the way, I can honestly say that as a mother I have come across a very large milestone.  This may not sound big to you at first, but if you think about it-it really is a big one.  My beautiful 4 1/2 year old daughter has grown up.  That’s right!  Not in all areas but in the area I am about to address.  Trust!  I know some of you parents out there have had a child that has injured themselves (minorly to us, majorly to them) and they just will not let you touch it.  Soooooooo frustrating to me!  For example, about six weeks ago my daughter got a sliver.  Wouldn’t let me touch it.  I was so frustrated with her, for just not letting me fix it.  Than of course my mind went to those dark corners- she is going to get infected, the sliver is probably chemically treated wood, blah blah blah, she might lose her pinky toe.  I don’t know…ridiculous.

But within the last couple of weeks I think our relationship as mother and daughter has really blossomed into something very “grown up”.  A mutual understanding that I can take care of her and make it better (most of the time).  I made hydrogen peroxide fun.  I made neosporin fun.  I made tweezers fun.  But best of all, I made injuries interactive.  We are both the “Fix-It” ladies.

I told her the bubbles from the peroxide were little cleaning bubbles and were making the cuts, slivers, “booboos” all better.  She loved it.  She even dumped it on her foot.  I let her put on the neosporin with a Q-tip.  I let her call the shots when I was removing the sliver.  If it hurt, she said “STOP”.

I really think I have stumbled, accidentally, across something.  Empower your children with the ability to make decisions rationally.  If you are calm, they will be calm (not all the time, but most of the time).  This age (4-5) is an age of independence, learning, and curiosity.  Let them help with things like this.  Not only does it help them to trust you and not be scared, but it teaches them the consequence of getting hurt and how to properly take care of yourself.

I am so very proud of her.  She has come leaps and bounds from the whining and bursting into tears days.  Its very rare that we ever have that happen any more.  My baby is growing up and so gracefully.  My next mission with this “medical treatment” of minor “booboos” is to find some natural remedies versus peroxide and neosporin.  One thing at a time!

1 Response to “Mama Make it Better!”

  1. 1 Char August 5, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Can I just send Clare over to your house for a week, and she’ll come home being able to trust me when things like this happen. We end up in a wrestling match sometimes when she gets a boo boo. Sigh…

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